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We're sorry for the groups already registered, but the risk of virus transmission in large outdoor gatherings is too great.
While most (80%) infected people will only get a mild illness, much like a common cold, some will become very ill and there is no way of predicting who will get the severe illness, regardless of their personal risk factors. The high infectivity rate of the virus means a lot of people will be at risk during mass gatherings.
We look forward to running the event in 2021.

A Short History of the Bangtail Muster – Alice Springs

The first Bangtail Muster Parade was held in March 1959. Then District Officer Bill Nordavan suggested the idea, and together with Frank King, local furniture store owner appointed as chairman, the event was run by the Chamber of Commerce aided by a pound for pound subsidy from the Minister of Territories. The parade was along Todd Street, similar to the same route used today.
So successful was the parade that it became an annual event with the then newly – chartered Rotary Club of Alice Springs taking over the running of the Bangtail Muster parade with associated events, as a project in 1961.
The Rotary Club of Alice Springs acknowledges the wonderful support of our local community in supporting the annual Bangtail Muster Parade. To those who the preparation of last year’s parade, to those who participated, and to the public who came out in their thousands each year to watch the parade we say thank you, all of you are such an important part f our community.
If you would like further information on The Bangtail Muster Parade please contact the 2020 parade coordinator: Eli Melky
Rotary Club of Alice Springs
PO Box 87
Alice Springs NT 0871
Acknowledgement is given that some historical information was sourced from Shirley Brown’s book, “My Alice”.