Posted on Jul 31, 2017
Peter Schaefer has just shared a most amazing three-day experience, hosting the RI President Ian Riseley in Alice Springs on his official visit to the Central Australia region. The weather was marvellous throughout his visit and Ian commented daily on the ‘horizon to horizon’ expanse of blue skies.
It was a packed schedule that gave Ian the opportunity to see some sights, inspect some of the Rotary activities and to visit both the Purple House Dialysis Centre and also meet with the Centre for Disease Control, who are tackling the issue of Trachoma throughout the Territory. Both dialysis and trachoma are a major focus for Rotary in Australia.
Ian has certainly left his mark on the Rotarians, who many simply described him as “so down to earth and approachable”. They had the opportunity to meet him at a combined three Club event attended by 75 Rotarians and partners and coincidentally two visiting Rotarians – one from Magnetic Island and the other from Texas. It was an informal event where most had the chance to talk with Ian. Two fortunate members were presented with PHF’s one a Ruby, the other a sapphire – congratulations.
We had a symbolic tree planting ceremony and I have been personally tasked by Ian to ensure the tree’s survival – great responsibility.
In recognising the importance of the RI President’s visit, a Mayoral reception was held on Monday evening.   Many local Business and Government representatives and Rotarians were present.   The event was followed by an informal vegetarian dinner where many Rotarians and partners had the opportunity to share in Ian’s interests and experiences.