Bill Van Dijk    
Post Graduate Education Award   
In recognition of the late Bill Van Dijk’s
Contribution to the field of education in
Central Australia,
 The Rotary Club of Alice Springs
has established the
Bill Van Dijk Post-Graduate Education
The Rotary Club of Alice Springs
invites Centralians
completing post-graduate studies to apply.
The applicant’s field of study must be
relevant to the Central Australian region.
The value is a one-off payment
to the value of $3000.
Written applications
OPEN   28 May 2024
CLOSE   8 June 2024
Shortlisted applicants must be available for 
                                                          interview on 16 June 2024                                                      
Further information on selection criteria
Rotary Club of Alice Springs
PO Box 1756 Alice Springs NT 0871